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On this page will slowly grow a long list of Links with information about instruments. See also the many Links provided on the instrument pages.
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tunings remarks top
fretted friends music a long list of tunings for plucked instruments a whole list of tunings for plucked stringed instruments ?? ??? tuning of every stringed instrument of South America; in Spanish ??
WA's alternate guitar tunings an extensive list of different guitar tunings  
Online encyclopedia of tunings a kind of Wiki for all kinds of tunings, with further links  
collections   top
JakeWildwood much information about older guitars, mandolins, banjo's interesting collection of ethnic instruments from musician Randy Raine-Reusch  
Chinitarte website with overview of many instruments (in Portuguese)  
Crash course on lutes some information about Greek and Turkish instruments lots of information about fretted instruments  
HWMC-online large collection of instruments - the Hartenberger World Music Collection  
Jose-Lucio overview of all different types of Portuguese instruments  
KingofKays website with a large collection of (electric) guitars  
Macat Alta Music website with overview of musical instruments on each Indonesian island (in Behasa)  
MatchstickMan collection of instruments made by Jack Hall out of matchsticks very beautiful site by Greg Miner with many interesting instruments enthousiastly made site with lots of information (under reconstruction)  
Museum of Leipzig lot of cittern (zither), dulcimers and guitars (in German)  
Musica para Ver museum-like website with many different instruments  
Music of Asia very nice website about most FarEast and SE.Asia countries, with pictures and links  
National Music Museum page with lots of links to musical instruments  
NYC Met Museum collection on-line of the New York City Metropolitan Museum list with unbelievable instruments every stringed instrument in South America, incl. tuning; in Spanish ?? small collection, but with detailed stories about how he found them lots of different guitars from the Saga factory  
Springersmusic English site with many different, rare instruments  
Stringedinstrumentbase something like ATLAS, but alphabetical  
Toddgreen a nice collection of all kinds of plucked instruments  
Virtualmuseum website with some instruments from all over the world ?? few pages with Chinese instruments (in Chinese)  
shops   top shop/musicschool in São Paulo, for all kinds of Brazilian instruments internetshop selling Portuguese instruments ?? music shop in Budapest, selling interesting instruments  
BandaidMusic music shop in Malta, with custom workshop for Maltese terzin guitar workshop in province Riau Indonesia making gambus melayu ??
BoliviaMall internet shop in Bolivia for South American instruments instruments (and other stuff) from Bulgaria  
Coyote's Paw Gallery Ltd shop in USA selling tribal and ethnic artifacts and instruments  
Dalatunes mediacentre in Kazakhstan, with a shop selling Kazakh instruments ?? importer HBSK in Sweden with lots of damboras and other Afghan instruments  
Dusepo instrument maker in London for all kind of (rare) instruments  
Early Music interesting shop with many old and different instruments  
Early Music Shop internet shop in UK for lots of early instruments  
Elvis Ablimit shop in Kashgar (West China) selling carpets and local instruments internet shop in Spain with many ethnic instruments, many from Vietnam  
EthnicINA workshop in Yogyakarta, making a wide variety of instruments from all over Indonesia workshop in Georgia (Caucasus) with lots of different Georgian instruments a shop in UK with lots of different Folk and Celtic instruments  
HORA factory in Romania for plucked instruments; ask for their Russian guitar  
House of Musical Traditions shop in USA with a wide range of ethnic instruments  
Khlur Mukhim person in Shillong (NE-India) who can help you to get local Khasi instruments internet shop in Mendocino for lots of ethnic instruments and other stuff maker of ceteras and other instruments on Corsica  
Martin de Witte maker of lutes and early guitars in Holland shop in USA (formerly Mid-East) with a wide range of ethnic instruments internet shop with many Spanish and Portuguese instruments  
Murager music school in Kazakhstan, selling Kazakh instruments ??
Musicalspices shop in Israel selling all kinds of plucked instruments (in Israeli)  
Musicasa shop in Palma de Mallorca selling Spanish folk instruments factory / internet shop in Sicily, making a wide range of unusual and hard to find stringed instruments from all over the world  
Oakwoodinstruments workshop with many stringed instruments website with advice about oud types and where to buy them; also sells oud lessons small shop in Amsterdam, overfull with plucked stringed instruments .†. shop in UK with lots of plucked stringed instruments shop in Panama, selling Panamese instruments  
Pick-et-Boch shop in France with many different ethnic instruments  
Ray Man Eastern Instruments shop in London with many Chinese and other ethnic instruments ??
Portman Music shop in Mexico City for some Mexican instruments shop with Chinese instruments and accesoires  
Salão musical de Lisboa factory/shop with many special Portuguese instruments a real shop in Reykjavik selling all kinds of ethnic instruments  
Sebastian Nunez maker of early plucked instruments in Holland internet shop in Iran, with wide range of local instruments  
Southernukulelestore shop in UK specialised in ukuleles workshop in Holland making modern guitars, but also for restoration of old instruments  
Tabubuethnicmusicshop workshop in Yogyakarta , making a wide variety of instruments from all over Indonesia  
Thebouzoukishop (internet) shop in Athens for all kinds of Greek instruments  
TiendasLatinas internet shop in Bolivia for many South American instruments  
Timortreasures internet shop in Australia selling all kinds of stuff from Timor (see Curios) ??
TuCuatro internet shop selling instruments from Venezuela  
Ukubidon French website (and shop) about the oilcan ukulele (in French) shop for many Chinese instruments (in China)  
interesting sites   top
Yahoo group : Frettedfriends for fans of all kinds of fretted instruments (hardly ever used anymore)  
Know your Instrument website with advice on buying guitars or ukeleles website with links to YouTube instruction videos for guitar and ukulele  
Traditional World Instruments Facebook group with lot of different instruments website with lots of information about lutes, guitars and Russian guitars  
Guild of American Luthiers drawings of many different types of world instruments for sale  
Mandolin and Cittern source website with information about almost all types of mandolin and cittern  
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